Introducing Diane Sweeney; she is Forty two years old. She looks slightly like Cameron Diaz and she is OPEN

“I have my family, and my husband, and knowing that allows me to push fear away.”

Before 1970;

Sweet, kind hearted and determined, Diana was expected the perfect family life due to her perfect traits. She was well raised and taught the ways in which she could use her talents in order to gain the things she desired. She was raised in a strict but fair household which allowed her to become more confident and respectful to those around her. She was the ideal young girl for the time in which her parents knew her. Things began to change once her mother passed away, making her life go from perfect to a downfall. The Diane her father knew was no longer present, and she turned to depression and a cold hearted exterior. She was grieving and it was understandable. Though, one person managed to help her gain back the traits she was known for. Diana’s childhood sweetheart Peter Sweeney.

Diana had known Peter since she was the young age of four, and she had always had a bond with him though it was hard for her to trust any one around her. Her trust issues are present even today, but she grew into trust when around him. Peter swept her off her feet, and they both fell for each other, knowing their feelings had been there for a long time, although they hadn’t realized it until the age of 19. After years together, they tied the knot and got married, and they were soon to be blessed with two beautiful children who were both born to be twins. They were namedAdam Sweeney and Rose Sweeney. They couldn’t be happier and unlike most their marriage was stronger than ever. After several years they were blessed with another child by the name of Evan Sweeney, and the family was finally complete. Though, as time grew, the family were beginning to struggle. The children were more argumentative causing Diane to become more reserved and depression was beginning to return, though, her husband and children are still unaware of this.

Back In Time;

Diane was unaware of her change of scenery  she was sure for a long time that this was just a nightmare that she had to fight through. Any minute, she expected to wake up in her family home next to her husband. But as an unexpected visitor arrived, a police inspector asking why she was not at work, she began to worry. Diane began to realise in this world she worked as a police inspector, and she had been there for some time. Depression was the least of her worries now. One by one, her family were beginning to turn up, her children were as afraid as she was and to her surprise, the whole family had been brought back to 1970. All she had to do now, was make a fresh start, and have the family life she always wanted. But would she get it?


Peter Sweeney - Husband

Adam Sweeney - Son

Rose Sweeney - Daughter

Evan Sweeney - Youngest Son