Introducing Janet Robinson; she is seventeen years old. She looks slightly like Ariana Grande and she is OPEN.

“I don’t regret any of the decisions I’ve made in my life. Because with every choice I’ve made, I’ve learned something new.”

Before 1980;

Janet Robinson is a little angel. She is a proper girly girl and everyone thinks she’s adorable. Janet loves her family, but there is only really one love of her life, and that is singing. Ever since she could talk she has been singing her little heart out too. When she was older, her mother paid for singing lessons as she knew she had some natural talent. Janet believes in herself but knows practice makes perfect. You will find Janet practicing in all of her free time in her room. She sings every sort of song available, but her favourite is pop. She is also impartial to impressions as well. Janet is a confident young lady who dreams of one day getting a record deal and becoming a famous singer like her idols, knowing then that her family will be truly proud of her. Her friends want her to do just as well, but they can get a bit jealous from time to time, but they sort their problems out soon enough.

Janet would say her life is perfect, but if you look behind the fake façade and smile, you will find something much more sinister. To keep up her image, Janet has to stay skinny, and it is no secret that Janet loves her food. For a few years now she has been suffering from Bulimia, but no one, not even her mother, knows about this. She wants to stop but just can’t help herself, as her career means everything to her. She doesn’t want to go for help as she is afraid her parents will find out. Janet feels alone and vulnerable and she has nowhere else to turn to. All of her friends are getting into relationships, but Janet is afraid of this, and it will take her a while to trust a boy to come into her life, as she wouldn’t want him to know her condition either. Janet hides all of this behind her singing, it is her one release where she can be who she wants and loses herself in the song every time.

Back in Time;

Janet was locked in her room one afternoon singing to her hearts content when she realised something wasn’t right. She lives in a busy neighborhood and the sun was shining, so she would usually expect a gaggle of children to be playing outside, their voices echoing up to her window. But right now there was no sound whatsoever. She looked out of the window and saw no children, and come to mention it, no cars either. Something strange was going on. Then the sky went dark, and Janet was very afraid. She continued to sing but found herself opening her mouth and no words were coming out. She stopped and headed downstairs, finding the house empty and a note on the side. “We need bread. I’m at the Tailors will be back soon.” That’s odd, thought Janet. They didn’t have a Tailor, that was what they had in the past. Reality suddenly struck Janet, but surely what she thought couldn’t be true, could it?


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