Introducing Holly Thomas; she is Thirty Nine years old. She looks slightly like Anne Hathaway and she is OPEN.

“You’re only human. You don’t have to have it together every minute of every day.”

Before 1980;

Holly Thomas is a quiet soul, who likes to keep herself to herself. Being brought up in a rather traditional old fashioned house hold meant her motto as a child was “Children should be seen and not heard.” She never broke that rule, as she knew there would be bad consequences if she did. Her faith plays a big part in her life as growing up she went to Church every Sunday without fail, and she learnt to deal with her problems through her religion. Her mother and father weren’t exactly social birds either, so they kept Holly locked away most of the time, and the only people Holly ever saw outside of the family was her best friend Lily at school. Holly managed to get through school with average grades and she was happy. However, when the time came for her to speak up about where she wanted her path in life to take her, she failed to do so. She was so used to being told what to do and not voicing her own opinion, that she had no idea. This became a problem.

Her parents insisted she went to University and they chose a career for her, a Doctor. Holly does enjoy her job as it earns good money but it is hard for her to social with so many people on a daily basis, but she has her ways of coping. She turns to her faith once again. One day she was in the street shopping with her head in the clouds as usual, when she bumped into a man. This kind gentleman was Phil Thomas. Holly had always worried about meeting a man, but this couldn’t have been better. Phil was rather outgoing and offered to buy her a drink. He bore with her, bringing her out of her shell day by day and eventually they became a couple and are now married. Phil came from a very full family, so he liked the peace and quiet, and it turned out he too liked to put his faith in his religion, so the pair were perfect for each other. They are now happily living together with two beautiful twin boys, Nick and Steven, and Holly can’t believe how far she has come from the shy child she once was.

Back in Time;

Holly was lying awake one night, unable to sleep. She had had a busy day so was slightly puzzled as to why she couldn’t srop off. She has tried everything fromm hot chocolate to counting sheep, but nothing worked. There wasn’t much Holly could do at three in the morning, but she decided she would at least make herself useful and fill out some paperwork for work she hadn’t got round to doing yet. Holly had spent around an hour doing so, when the words on her page started to swirl and go into one big black blob on the page. She figured she was finally ready for sleep, so made her way up to bed. She closed her eyes and fell asleep instantly. In a matter of hours when she awoke however, something felt different. She turned to her husband to kiss himh good morning, but he wasn’t lying next to her. She figured he must have already gone down for breakfast, so she popped her head around her twins bedrooms door and they weren’t there either. Now she was starting to panic. What had happened to her in the night? Had she over slept and they hadn’t woken her? No. Little did she know she was now in an entirely different world from her own.


Phil Thomas - Husband

Steven Thomas – Younger Son

Nick Thomas – Older Son